Our services

EIC Activities is a vibrant, multidisciplinary engineering and technical services business – consolidating industry leading expertise, new technologies and CIMIC Group’s unparalleled experience.


Sector expertise

EIC Activities’ specialists are industry leading engineers with outstanding careers in major project delivery across the building, industrial and resources infrastructure and transport sectors.

Specialist engineering

Our specialist engineering services support major transport, industrial and resources infrastructure and building projects, mitigating risks and identifying opportunities to create value.

Technical services

Our technical services specialists provide expert technical analysis, advice and solutions, and work at the forefront of digital applications and system integration – embedding accurate, faster and more efficient ways of working.


EIC Activities invests in innovation and leads CIMIC Group’s innovation program, enabling the Group to stay at the forefront of our industries, continuing to challenge, innovate and evolve.

Sharing knowledge

EIC Activities fosters an exciting global network. We make sure that across CIMIC Group, our people and projects share the same access to world class technologies, engineering solutions, knowledge resources, communities of practice, and outstanding technical training and development.


EIC Activities, as part of CIMIC Group, is committed to operating sustainably.

Our engineering and technical solutions embed sustainability, and equip CIMIC Group projects to improve safety and efficiency, utilise sustainable materials and technologies, lower costs and reduce waste throughout the asset life-cycle.

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