EIC Activities is an innovation hub

EIC Activities invests in innovation and leads CIMIC Group’s innovation program, enabling the Group to stay at the forefront of our industries, continuing to challenge, innovate and evolve.

Our innovation program accelerates the Group’s ability to develop and implement innovations and share them across our companies – maximising the benefits of scale.

Making our businesses safer, smarter and more sustainable

The program uses coordinated campaigns and a network of innovation champions across CIMIC Group. Each campaign targets a priority and sets a question such as ‘What’s a safer, simpler or more efficient solution?’ or ‘How can we add value?’.

The innovation program’s campaigns and interactive platform, with social media features, give us an exciting way to connect, share ideas and develop innovations which win tenders, solve technical challenges, make our work safer and improve project delivery.

Repeatable, scalable innovation is a competitive advantage

Powerfully, the innovation program enables us to capture an innovation from one project, develop it for our businesses and create significant positive outcomes for the Group.

A dynamic innovative work environment

Our innovation program is highly collaborative and engages all of our employees – echoing how we work.

Across the Group, our teams are passionate about using their experience and technical expertise and working together to find safer, better ways of working.

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