Sharing knowledge

A dynamic work environment for the world’s best engineers

EIC Activities fosters an exciting global network. We make sure that across CIMIC Group, our people and projects share the same access to world class technologies, engineering solutions, knowledge resources, communities of practice, and outstanding technical training and development.

A learning organisation

EIC Activities developed and maintains CIMIC Group’s Interactive Project Knowledge Library (iPKL) and Communities of Practice to manage and share intellectual property.

The iPKL is a user-focused digital library. It powers efficiency and evolution, equipping teams to repeat successes, fast track learnings, undertake bench-marking and continue to innovate.

Our Communities of Practice connect practitioners from across the Group to share information and learn about technical areas.

Technical training and development

EIC Activities also shares knowledge and develops capabilities through training and mentoring programs, webinars and on-line material.

Our training program has been designed for graduates, site engineers and project engineers.

Webinar Wednesdays

EIC Activities’ webinars are an ongoing series of live web based technical forums presented by our subject matter experts. The webinars are designed to share knowledge that contributes significant value to project delivery. 

All CIMIC Group employees can participate in live webinars with interactive question and answer sessions from their desktop or any other device and access archived webinars.

Through EIC Activities every corner of the business has access to CIMIC Group's collective experience, technical capabilities and leading edge technology applications.
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