A unique in-house engineering consultancy

EIC Activities complements CIMIC Group’s businesses by providing dedicated engineering expertise, leading innovation and continuously building the Group’s technical capability.

As a unique in-house engineering consultancy, EIC Activities collaborates with each CIMIC business, extending competitive advantage and supporting success. 


Through EIC Activities the Group’s projects access industry leading experts and leverage a Group-wide network of engineering, design and technical expertise. Consistently we see the results with risk mitigation and optimised solutions achieving significant cost and program savings and delivering client valued outcomes which secure new and repeat business.


Innovation is inherent in CIMIC Group’s operations. We constantly challenge how we deliver, seeking better ways to solve problems and create value. Our approach is dynamic and we continuously work to improve, adapt and evolve.

EIC Activities invests a minimum of 10% of our resources into innovation and we lead the Group’s innovation program. We also actively engage with clients and industry to both leverage and lead new developments in technologies, methods, materials and sustainability.

Our innovation focus results in benefits that are amplified across CIMIC Group, enabling the Group to stay at the forefront of our industries, offer clients the best solutions and provide our people with an exciting work environment.


EIC Activities strengthens the Group’s engineering and technical capability by leading knowledge management, digital transformation and technical training and development. By powerfully transferring lessons learned, best practices, innovations and consistent methods, EIC Activities enables the Group to fast track learning, repeat successes and innovate at scale, win challenging projects and improve business performance. 

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