Digital engineering

EIC Activities’ digital focus makes CIMIC Group more efficient, data driven and nimble

Our digital technologies add value, support engineers on site, simplify how we work, optimise our capability, accelerate innovation and extend our competitive advantage.

Projects build digitally first and collaborate in virtual environments

We use Building Information Management (BIM), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Virtual Design and Construction solutions. Our projects build digitally first, integrating data and technologies to measure, map, visualise and control project delivery and outcomes.

Our digital capability and workflows support information transfer throughout the project team and eventually to the end user. We utilise:

  • Visualisation and coordination of the project scope (3D)
  • Improved schedule integrity through simulation (4D)
  • Quantification of project scope elements (5D)
  • Accessible asset data for operations and maintenance (6D)
  • Analysis and improved data access and linkages (XD)

Integrating GIS enables projects to integrate, store and analyse geographic information to improve the effectiveness of project design, planning and delivery.