Intelligent Earthworks

To improve productivity on earthworks projects, we are using software that provides a real-time view of the sites from anywhere across Australia. Team members can see live production metrics for bulk-earthworks operations. 


Our challenge was how to measure, map, visualise and control delivery outcomes on major earthworks projects, including road, rail, and aviation infrastructure.


The technology’s cloud-based computing and automation is used to process near real-time performance data and high accuracy ‘reality capture’ drone imagery.

Sensors mounted to heavy equipment gather production data and drone technology streamlines the way large areas are surveyed and mapped.

The solution fast-tracks complex analysis, equipping teams with visual tools and the ability to collaboratively augment designs with high fidelity project imagery in 3D. This drives collaborative planning and engineering to ensure we deliver against design.

Watch our video to see our Intelligent Earthworks in action.


Teams are using the technology to increase safety (keeping equipment and people separated), expedite decisions, de-risk delivery, reduce paper-based administration, and increase productivity and efficiency.

We are able to identify issues early, and respond effectively, avoiding delays and cost variances. We are also able to improve sustainable outcomes by monitoring and managing efficient operations leading to reduced emissions.

Intelligent Earthworks also ensures heavy plant and equipment is operating within the permitted constraints and boundaries of the project. Used in conjunction with our Site Hive monitoring system, we are better able to track key environment factors such as air quality, noise, and habitat protection controls.


CPB Contractors, supported by EIC Activities, is using Intelligent Earthworks, with Reality Capture, on some of its largest projects. The integrated technology is improving safety, productivity, and sustainability, tracking over 20 million cubic meters of material that has been hauled in excess of 2,500 kilometres.

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