Active 4D Planning

  • Innovation
  • Design and construction
  • Planning and controls

Our Active 4D Planning (A4DP) process, developed by EIC Activities in collaboration with CPB Contractors, enables teams to build a project’s program, directly from a 3D BIM model, commencing at tender initiation, earlier than current industry practice.


In the past, teams could take months to build a 20,000-line Gantt chart schedule. Our challenge was to find a solution that could automate this process and iterate faster to optimise our project schedules.


Today, with A4DP, we strengthen our tenders with 4D simulations to ensure we build digitally first and unlock the full potential of our teams.


With A4DP, planners, designers, engineers, and construction leads can:

  • visually assess solutions and test assumptions and interdependences
  • optimise the delivery plan by identifying safety and efficiency gains in different methodologies, sequencing, and resources
  • consider all project KPIs, make better decisions, develop safer, sustainable solutions, reduce waste and extract every time and cost advantage
  • generate 4D information that can be distributed directly to other applications and project phases.

Watch our video to see Active 4D Planning in action.

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