Sustainable solutions: looking for a low carbon alternative for soil treatment

September 08, 2023
  • Sustainability
  • Engineering and Infrastructure
Alkaline-activated treatment of reactive soils 

CIMIC Group’s EIC Activities and CPB Contractors are collaborating with Western Sydney University in conjunction with the Australian Research Council and industry partners, in the search for a low carbon alternative for soil treatment.

Construction of major infrastructure projects in Western Sydney is challenged by the presence of reactive soils derived from Bringelly shale, which is difficult to use as a stable foundation material. 

This initiative is investigating a cost-effective alkali activator that could potentially be used as an agent for stabilising reactive residual soil that is suitable for construction. 

Relative to the use of lime or cement, this proposed alkali activator is a low carbon alternative and should provide a significant increase in strength and stiffness, as well as a reduction in the shrink-swell behaviour.

The research is due for completion in 2026.
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