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December 10, 2019
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EIC Activities hosts graduates from across CIMIC Group, exposing these future leaders to the engineering and technical aspects of major asset, infrastructure and resources projects around the world.

Our graduates have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and technical experts to build their technical ability and leadership skills, and we greatly value the energy and fresh perspective graduates bring into the workplace.

Over the CIMIC Group’s two-year graduate program, graduates experience three eight-month rotations with placements in various roles, projects or CIMIC Group companies.

Learn more about CIMIC Group’s global graduate program here.

Meet some of the graduates

Aspiring to gain technical experience, Henry Fitzgerald, Broad Construction graduate alumni completed a rotation with EIC Activities’ bridges team.
“After completing my rotation at Broad Construction as a site engineer, I was eager to spend time with EIC Activities to better understand the role they play in supporting projects across the CIMIC Group, how they help to create value through engineering and reduce risk through design,” said Henry.
EIC Activities graduate with team
Henry Fitzgerald
EIC Activities graduate
Angela Nguyen

Angela Nguyen, Graduate Engineer joined the graduate program with EIC Activities in 2017.

"I was inspired by the prospect of setting myself up with a solid foundation of knowledge and the opportunity to learn from leading engineering experts," said Angela.
Matthew Alexander, Graduate Electrical Engineer rotated into EIC Activities from UGL to develop his skillset and work laterally across multiple CIMIC Group projects. 
“Leveraging the strength of the CIMIC Group and collaborating across operating companies is key to a successful outcome on all tenders and projects we work on,” said Matthew.
EIC Activities graduate with team
Matthew Alexander
EIC Activities graduate with team
Matthew Re
Commencing with CPB Contractors in 2017 as part of the graduate program, Matthew Re, Graduate Engineer chose his next rotation based on the value his team gained from a consultation with EIC Activities. He encourages upcoming graduates to:
“Be proactive and always willing to learn more. That way you will set yourself up with a lot of experience coming out of the two year program.”
Jackson Blacker, Graduate Engineer credits his achievements with CPB Contractors to the well-rounded design experience he gained from participating in a mixture of consultation and design practices with EIC Activities at the start of his graduate program.
EIC Activities graduate
Jackson Blacker
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