Diversity and inclusion

Bring your story

CIMIC Group is a collaboration of around 24,000 individuals in around 20 countries. Each person brings their own story, experience and perspective to their job and this diversity of thought, capability and skill makes our business stronger.

Our differences, supported by inclusive and respectful workplaces where everyone can contribute their best, significantly expand our potential to innovate and improve operational performance, productivity and safety.

We recognise these advantages are strongest when our workforces reflect the diverse communities in which we work; and these diverse communities provide a valuable source of talent.

Human rights

CIMIC Group respects the dignity, human rights and wellbeing of all our people, and the communities in which we operate. We also acknowledge and respect the connection of Indigenous peoples to the land.

We reject any form of modern slavery, including human trafficking, forced or bonded labour and child labour, and undertake due diligence activities to identify, address, mitigate and prevent human rights impacts from our operations and supply chain through our procurement practices and contractual arrangements.

Our Code of Conduct and policies contain our commitment to human rights.

Workplace relations

We respect the rights of our employees to freely associate and collectively bargain. We aim to fairly, consultatively and constructively engage with workers, union representatives and regulators.

Supportive workplaces

Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy aims to increase and leverage the diversity that exists across our businesses. To view EIC Activities’ public data report, visit the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s Data Explorer here and enter EIC Activities in the search bar. 

We don’t tolerate any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination or vilification, and we actively develop supportive workplaces. Our priorities are:

  • Cultivate an inclusive workplace

    We undertake a range of activities to raise awareness and promote inclusion including training programs in unconscious bias, equal employment opportunity, discrimination, bullying and harassment. We also use workforce reporting to track diversity participation.

  • Gender equality

    We’re improving how we attract, retain and develop women at all levels in CIMIC Group. This includes addressing the challenges associated with relatively small numbers of women entering the engineering trades and professions and ensuring women are represented across diverse areas and in leadership roles. Regular company-wide pay equity reviews are used to proactively close pay gaps based solely on gender, supported by initiatives such as unconscious bias awareness training to empower equitable decision-making. 

  • Increase Indigenous employment and the use of Indigenous suppliers

    With a significant base of our business operating in Australia, we have a specific focus area on opening opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to participate in our business, as well as engaging Indigenous people in other countries – an objective we share with our clients. 

  • Working with us - Investing in local employees

    Invest in local employees

    Our training and talent programs develop local leaders and graduates to ensure the future workforce is reflective of the countries in which we operate.

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