Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand

EIC Activities, as part of CIMIC Group, is committed to operating sustainably.

Our engineering and technical solutions embed sustainability, and equip CIMIC Group projects to improve safety and efficiency, utilise sustainable materials and technologies, lower costs and reduce waste throughout the asset life-cycle.

As a result CIMIC Group is recognised as an industry leader with a track record for generating value, delivering on client’s sustainability targets and achieving the highest sustainability ratings from peak bodies including the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) and Greenstar.

EIC Activities’ investment in innovation is delivering advances in areas such as materials and energy efficiency, including energy storage, cement replacement and recycled materials, and the application of digital engineering and off-site prefabrication to reduce waste.

We work closely with suppliers, project teams, clients and academics, as well as industry and peak bodies such as ISCA, to innovate, and develop and share best practices. We are focused on ensuring CIMIC Group projects deliver better assets and services for our clients and optimal benefits for our communities.

Read more about CIMIC Group's sustainability commitments and approach.

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