Specialist engineering

From the ground up

Our specialist engineering services support major building, industrial and resources infrastructure and transport projects, mitigating risks and identifying opportunities to create value.

Specialists provide analysis, assessments, design solutions, engineering, procurement strategies, technical advice, construction methodologies and commissioning support.

Ground engineering

  • Geotechnical assessment and interpretation
  • Slope assessment and remediation
  • Soft ground, foundation and retaining structures engineering
  • Earthworks, soil-structure interaction and numerical modelling


  • Geotechnical and geological assessment
  • Structures – underground, temporary, caverns and tunnel linings
  • Methodologies – tunnel mining techniques and Tunnel Boring Machine selection
  • Tunnel scheme development


  • Data assessment
  • Waste and land use regulation
  • Soil and sediment remediation
  • Groundwater remediation


  • Bridges
  • Civil structures including precast
  • Building structures and facades
  • Critical temporary works
  • Heavy lifts

Materials technology

  • Concrete
  • Quarry materials
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