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CIMIC Group’s Geoview software, a proprietary solution developed in-house, simplifies the process of managing and storing construction site data, making it easier for engineers to monitor the performance of built and existing structures, improving safety outcomes while reducing risk.


During the construction of major infrastructure projects, CIMIC companies use many instruments to measure the impact our structures have on the ground and adjacent structures. Traditionally this data was managed manually.

Our challenge was to overcome the extremely time consuming process of capturing, inputting, and managing the storage of all this data from multiple sources in a way that engineers could then use.


Geoview software simplifies the process of managing and storing construction site data, while displaying it in a graphical format that is meaningful for engineers to act upon.

Developed by EIC Activities in collaboration with CPB Contractors, the solution is used to verify design inputs and monitor safety performance.  It captures, processes, and then displays data captured from monitoring instruments in a graphical format.

Geoview was first developed by Dr Darren Huang at EIC Activities. Darren is now at CIMIC working with a team of in-house developers to continuously upgrade and integrate Geoview into CIMIC’s larger data acquisition platform – Sensgrid.


Some of the benefits of Geoview include:

  • Web-based application: there’s no need to download any software - you can just go online and type in your user details to use the system
  • Multiple data sources: Geoview can accept data from hundreds of different data sources and is not limited to any specific suppliers
  • Mapping functionality: using GIS mapping, Geoview can display where all the different monitoring points are on a live map while outputting graphical data
  • Notifications by email and SMS: Geoview can send out notifications if an instrument exceeds a certain level - so you can quickly and proactively undertake inspections


Geoview has been used on many key CIMIC Group projects since it was first developed in 2014.

The CIMIC Group development team is currently redeveloping Geoview and integrating it into CIMIC’s data acquisition platform Sensgrid.

The upgraded version, renamed as Geosensgrid, will include multi-tenancy/multi-project hierarchy, a new user interface, better API coverage, self-service administration, granular and configurable security, and will be highly scalable – this is to ensure Sensgrid becomes the data acquisition tool for the Group.

Current projects using Geoview now will be migrated to Geosensgrid when it becomes available.

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